Affordable SEO Packages for Small Business

SEO packages designed to help small businesses get leads.

Small Business SEO Packages

You tested SEO for your small business website, but it didn't work.

You get traffic to your site, but they don't stay or become customers.

The cost of SEO that works seems out of reach.

seo packages at fixed prices

Affordable SEO? Or, gambling?

You probably felt, imagined or experienced one of these situations. Finding affordable SEO plans for small businesses that work can seem daunting.

All you want is more leads for your business, right?

Your hard-earned money must work for your company. Spending it on unproven marketing tactics is often a gamble.

tried and tested SEO

We know. We’re a small business too. We’ve tried working with SEO companies that are cheap, so we can check the quality of their work.

And, guess what?

The SEO companies we tested were cheap, with good reason. The work they did was mostly useless. And often it was harmful to our website, and we got no leads.

We felt robbed, even when we knew these were tests. SEO gets a bad name because of these types of companies.

We've tested other SEO suppliers on ourselves...

Affordable Small Business SEO Packages
affordable small business seo packages

We don’t like gambling. Of course, we take calculated risks. But we know that every pound we invest in marketing and our own SEO must work hard.

With SEO, there are no guarantees. But, we know what it takes to help our clients’ content 'be capable' of being number one on search engines.

But your small business needs SEO and content marketing as much as medium and large businesses.

That's why we decided to create various affordable SEO packages for small businesses.  

But your small business needs SEO and content marketing as much as medium and large businesses.

That's why we decided to create various affordable SEO packages for small businesses.

active seo for small businesses
Active SEO

Our SEO packages for small businesses are action-oriented.

We believe we should focus on the powerful parts of SEO for you, not the passive parts.

(We’re big fans of technical SEO, but small businesses often don’t have much input with off-the-shelf content management systems like Squarespace, Weebly or Wix).

And, that means we focus on:

- Creating optimised, appealing content for your blog that focuses on the intention of the searchers
- Developing backlinks, including guest posts on influential blogs and platforms
- Promoting content through social media influencers

Most small businesses are local businesses, so we also have local SEO packages for businesses that include:

- Creating geo-specific landing page copy to help you rank in your town, city or region for specific keywords

- Writing geo-specific blog posts to help your local business show up in ‘...near me’ searches on Google and other search engines

- Setting up Google My Business pages for your business, so you appear on Google Maps when people search for your type of business

SEO Packages for Small Business

We have three small business SEO packages designed to help you build your traffic

Active Content
Active Content

Great content, optimized for search engines and humans, which is easy to share, with backlinks to it.

Active Links
Active Links

Good backlinks only from guest posts and other respected websites & platforms to your website.

Geo-specific content

Geo-specific landing page content, and Google My Business setup to help you rank locally.

Active Content - What you get

Optimized Content

Optimized Content

Guest Posts

Guest Posts

Backlink Development


Landing Page Optimisation

turned-on laptop computer

Active Content 500 - £499

active content 500

Our Active Content 500 package is ideal for getting regular content on your site to keep search engines coming back to your website. And, we promote your site & content through backlinks and social media. (Price excludes VAT)

Active Content 1000 - £799

active content 1000

The Active Content 1000 package is perfect if you want deeper content in your blog posts. We promote your post and website through social media and backlinks too. We'll also optimise an existing landing page. (Price excludes VAT)

These packages are a selection of what we do. If you need longer, deeper blog posts with more backlinks and guest posts, we can help.

Got questions about our Active Content packages? Contact us here.

Active Links - What you get

Guest Posts
guest posts - articles on other websites with links
backlinks from other websites

Active Links 10 - £299

Backlinks on a budget - that's the aim of the Active Links 10 package. For under £300, you'll get a strong backlink from a guest on a blog with a domain authority of 10+. Plus, we'll develop more backlinks from niche blogs to your site. (Prices exclude VAT)

Active Links 20 - £599

Active Links 20

Active Links 20 gives you more power from the guest post we create and publish for you. The blog has a domain score of 20+. Plus, you get more backlinks from niche blogs. Choose this package if you want more impact more quickly.  (Prices exclude VAT)

This is a selection of the Active Links packages we offer. We know you might need a specific solution for your business or budget. Get in touch and we'll work on a bespoke package for you.

Geo-specific - What you get

Optimized Landing
Page Copy
lading page copy
Geo-specific blog posts
location to help with local SEO
Google My Business Setup
Google My Business setup

Geo-specific 150 - £249

Geo-sepcific 150

Getting your local business onto the map is important. We'll help you make your business known with geo-specific website copy, blog copy, and setting you up with a Google My Business account.  

Price excludes VAT

Geo-specific 300 - £319

google maps for local seo

Choose the Geo-specific 300 if you longer landing page copy, as well as location-specific blog content, and Google My Business set up.

Price excludes VAT

Geo-specific 750 - £379

Geo-specific 750

When you need deeper landing page copy, choose the Geo-specific 750 package. We'll write optimised landing page copy, blog copy and set up with Google My Business.

Price excludes VAT

This is a selection of how we can help with our geo-specific services. If, for example, you're already on Google My Business, we can create custom packages to help you get more local visitors to your website. Get in touch for a custom solution and quote.