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Getting more new customers is hard work.

Local SEO helps you get more leads and sales for your business by showing up at the top of Google's local search results. But it can be complicated to do this yourself, so we've made it painless with our service.

You don't need a marketing degree or years of experience in SEO to optimize your local business website and show up high on Google's search results page for businesses like yours in your area.

The best part? It takes less time to get results than organic SEO. Our service saves you having to do all the heavy lifting to get your business on the local map. We do everything for you - saving hours each week that could have been spent doing something much more fun than creating content, optimising web pages and Google My Business accounts.

We help you reach customers near you

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Local search engine optimisation techniques are crucial for getting you more visitors and customers to your business.

Even if your business operates nationally, you still need to understand local search ranking factors. Plus, you need to know how the local pack and organic search work together to boost your website. Optimising your local and organic SEO will help you get to the top of Google's search results page.

What are the main benefits of local SEO?

• Get more leads from local customers who search on Google
• Works by helping you rank high in Google when a potential customer searches near your location.
• Start increasing the number of leads today!
• Increase your customer base by getting more local customers
• You can serve a wider range of customers
• Lower costs associated with acquiring the aforementioned leads

What Is Local SEO?

what is local seo?

Local SEO does what it says on the tin. It helps local businesses boost their rankings on popular search engines in their local area.

That means your business will appear on location-specific search queries. And, it helps you reach customers in a specified geographic area.

Local search engine optimisation is necessary for all types of businesses that provide products and services in a physical location.

You might, for example, manage a healthcare clinic and attract local customers. You’ll need to focus on your local SEO search term efforts for visitors to find your business.

Even without a physical shop (e.g. plumbers or a small business working from home), all need to appear on local SERPs. It's best to optimise your local Google My Business Listing and your website for local search for your business to stand out.

The local SEO services that Digital Business offers to our niche clients include these essential factors:

Local keyword research
○ Local SEO audit
○ Optimising Your Google My Business Profile and adding information to your GMB listing
○ Ensure you appear in Google maps (map pack) and Bing
○ Support and advise how you can help your Google local listing. This works with online reviews, phone numbers, opening hours and Google posts
○ Adding your firm to other relevant local business directories and local listings (local citations)
○ Creating localized content on your landing pages to improve your on-page local SEO
○ Adding local keywords to your content
○ Creating bespoke blog posts optimised for local, helping organic search engine results
○ Exploring other local ranking factors, like guest posting and optimising your website
○ Local link building targeted to increase your local search ranking position
○ Mobile searches and voice search optimising to help your site reach potential customers on the move
○ Creating and managing your entire local SEO strategy

Local SEO - No BS

local SEO in plain english

At Digital Business, we understand that no two companies are the same. That's why we don't ever offer a one-size-fits-all digital marketing service.

When you hire us to provide local SEO services, we can customise our offering. We’ll create the perfect solution for your business.

Whatever local intent terms you want to rank for and whatever clients you wish to target, we can help.

We won't baffle you with gibberish and terms you can't understand. We provide all our SEO services in plain English, so you get the most out of working with us.

Why Is Local SEO So Important?

importance of local seo

On Google, the world's biggest search engine, local search results appear at the top of the page, beneath only paid adverts.

These outrank even organic results. When you reach the top of local search pages, you'll get your business name noticed by many searchers and potential clients. And, you will get leads that could become profitable clients.

The team here at Digital Business works with local business owners and national organisations across various sectors.

We have specialist knowledge and experience working with companies in financial, healthcare and manufacturing niches.

Get your business noticed with Local SEO

We’ll get your site shown at the top of local rankings for all your products and services.

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